WRONZ exists to fund scientific or industrial research that relate to post harvest Wool Industry, for the benefit of the New Zealand Wool Industry, with its membership spanning the wool chain from resident growers, wool processors, brokers, exporters and science providers.

About our Members

WRONZ exists to serve the interests of its members, with membership spanning the entire wool value chain. Our members are represented at the WRONZ board table by:

  • Three directors appointed by Meat & Wool Trust
  • Two directors elected by New Zealand members
  • One director nominated by the Royal Society

Ordinary Membership

Directors of Meat & Wool Trust representing New Zealand wool growers. Wool growers are foundation members who, in conjunction with the Government, formed the organisation in 1961. Directors of WRONZ are also included in the Ordinary Membership.

New Zealand Membership

New Zealand members have been members of WRONZ since 1965 and pay an annual membership fee. They must be actively involved in the postharvest wool industry in New Zealand, usually in the production of wool textiles, carpets, or wool scouring.

New Zealand membership provides members with preferential access to research and development technologies funded by WRONZ, the right to elect two directors, input into determination of research strategies and project priorities, and access to WRONZ information papers.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is granted by the WRONZ Board to people who, in the opinion of the Board, have rendered eminent service to the wool industry, science, or technology, or to the organisation.